4 Best Shred Guitar Lessons & Courses (build fretboard speed)

1. Cybernetic Shred by Stephanie Bradley (via JamPlay)

  • CONTENT: 88
  • EDU: 82
  • VALUE: 82
  • Alternate and tremolo speed picking
  • Transitioning with speed
  • Incremental speed building
  • Overall right-hand technique
  • Note application
  • Walking line between beginner and advanced content​

2. Essential Shred Licks by Ben Lindholm

  • CONTENT: 84
  • EDU: 91
  • VALUE: 84
  • Speed is built incrementally
  • Great rundown of the most common shred patterns
  • Lindholm’s teaching method is straightforward and easy to follow
  • Good way to introduce advanced technique in an easy way
  • Videos are older with lower resolution

3. Shredding Revolution by Dan Sugarman

  • CONTENT: 88
  • EDU: 94
  • VALUE: 95
  • Focuses on functionality and muscle memory
  • One of the most in-depth shredding courses we’ve tested
  • Sugarman’s teaching style is easy to follow
  • Helpful with the physicality of playing fast (more speed with less movement)
  • Available in 4k
  • Tons of camera angles
  • Hard to complain about much

4. Technique in the Service of Creativity by Gretchen Menn via JamPlay

  • CONTENT: 85
  • EDU: 86
  • VALUE: 88
  • Lots of material that goes beyond speed building
  • Tapping and sweep picking are a big focus
  • Technique is harp-esque
  • Great for pairing with a more conventional shred guitar course
  • Organization isn’t as tight as other courses

How We Select Courses

Criteria for Evaluating Shred Guitar Lessons

  1. Value (cost)
  2. Content quality
  3. Education quality
  4. Topical organization
  • Focus on speed
  • Address lead guitar technique
  • Focus on building patterns and muscle memory

Value of Lessons (cost vs quality)

Guitar Tricks and JamPlay are two of the highest-value options out of the major programs we’ve reviewed.

Content Quality

Education Quality

Topical Organization

Other Factors to Consider

How much does speed matter to you?

Are you primarily concerned with lead guitar?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




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