3 Best Guitar Lessons for Seniors (and helpful tips)

Best Guitar Lessons for Seniors: Top 3 Picks

1. Guitar Tricks Lessons: 92.8 Rating​

  • YEARLY PRICE: $179
  • VIDEO COUNT: 11,000
  • Our most recommended program for beginners
  • Videos can be downloaded and watched offline (if you have a membership)
  • Course organization is excellent
  • Song lesson section is the best of its kind
  • Advanced content tends to fall off
  • Video downloads happen one at a time
  • Courses not available for one-time purchase
  • Over 11,000 total edu lessons
  • Over 1000 total song lessons
  • Licensed tabs included
  • 14 day free trial available with credit card
  • Cancel before 60 days (after the free trial) for a refund
  • 10 designated beginners courses
  • Over 3 million members
  • Courses typically have around 200–250 videos

TrueFire Guitar Lessons (course downloads): 86.1​ Rating

  • YEARLY PRICE: $149
  • VIDEO COUNT: 45,000
  • IDEAL SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to advanced
  • Great for experienced players that want to explore different topics and ideas
  • All courses can be downloaded with a one-time purchase, with or without a DVD
  • TrueFire has the most courses and videos of any program
  • Yearly streaming price is a good deal
  • Monthly rate is more expensive than Guitar Tricks
  • No song section

3. Justinguitar (free videos & courses): 85.2 Rating

  • VIDEO COUNT: 900
  • Great for getting family with guitar and seeing if you like taking lessons
  • All videos are also on YouTube
  • Course organization is quite good
  • Lots of song lessons
  • Justin Sandercoe’s teaching is patient and easy to follow along with
  • Not great for intermediate and advanced guitar players
  • Having just one teaching personality limits perspective and expertise
  • Over 900 total edu lessons
  • Over 550 total song lessons
  • Use likely unlicensed
  • Program is open source and free to use
  • Progress tracker requires an email sign up
  • Content is hosted on YouTube and available there as well
  • URL: Justinguitar.com
  • Organized into courses, primarily by skill level

Is it possible to learn guitar as a senior?

I’m over 60: Is that too old to learn?

Benefits of Learning Guitar as a Senior

  • Provides an easily accessible hobby
  • Music can sharpen the mind in other scholastic pursuits (math, science, reading, etc.)
  • Improved motor skills
  • Improved wrist and hand strength
  • Low-impact activity

Tips for Seniors Taking Guitar Lessons

Tip #1: Limit lesson watch time

Tip #2: Use a device you’re familiar with

Tip #3: Watch with a guitar-in-hand

Tip #4: Practice away from a screen

Tip #5: Use an acoustic guitar

Understanding the Technical Side of Streaming Lessons

Your Internet Connection

Browser and Accessing Lessons

Additional Resources

Dealing with Physical Pain: Easy Fixes

Shoulder Pain

Elbow Pain and Tennis Elbow

Wrist Pain

Fingers and Hands

Lower Back

Conclusion and Questions

Your Question and Comments



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